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40 femmes scientifiques à travers les siècles rendues visibles grâce au rapport Women In Science de la Commission Européenne

wis.jpg40 héroïnes de la science en Europe à travers les siècles sont mises en valeur dans ce rapport que vient de publier la Commission Européenne courant 2009.

On y retrouvera notamment Sophie Germain, Marie Curie et Irène Jolliot-Curie.

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Résumé : Today, women are actively participating in science, while the number of women among the world's top scientists is growing. In fact, the face of modern science would be unrecognisable without the major contributions made by women. Women still face a lot of obstacles in science which can be summed up using metaphors such as the glass ceiling, the sticky fl oor and the glass cliff. The role of women in research excellence is still an issue, as well as their low numbers in top positions. That is why policy changes are needed to tap women's talents and resources to the full. For much of history, women were offi cially excluded from the scientifi c realm. Moreover, they often encountered loving parents who tried to discourage their passions for 'unfeminine subjects' such as geology or mathematics. The lucky few had fathers, mothers, husbands or distant admirers who encouraged their scientific ambitions.


This volume shows that, despite the invisibility of women in the historical narrative of mainstream science, it does not mean that science was always exclusively a man's world. Throughout the centuries, many women managed to overcome their marginalisation and excel in their chosen fi eld, making vital additions to the sum of human knowledge.

This book tells the compelling stories of these heroines of European science - some sung but many unsung - and, through their narratives, it enriches and completes the history of human knowledge by highlighting the role of women.


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