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Recherche jeune fille au pair à York

Femmes 3000 relaye une demande d'un de ses sympathisants qui recherche une fille française au pair à York, pour s'occuper de deux jeunes enfants (4 et 5 ans).

Ci dessous le descriptif de la personne qu'il recherche et des missions souhaitées: sportive femme.jpg

"We are looking for a female who can drive and preferably does not smoke. Her duties will be to get the kids up fed and dressed, sometimes take them to school. Pick them up from school most nights, do home work, play and feed them.

She has 2 days off a week. She works for £65 per week for 25 hours work (approximately 20 hours with the children and 5 hours cleaning the house)  and 2 nights baby sitting. If she baby sits on a night off we pay her and we pay if she works more hours. We can also offer her some work at our Hotel and that would be at the same rate we pay the hotel staff.

We pay for all her food and drink at home and provide a car which she will be able to use privately so long as she puts in petrol. We also take her away on holidays with the family (although mainly this is to France).

She has her own room in the house with Tv and a dvd player and has free access to come and go. Essentially our aupair is like an elder daughter to Natasha and I.

There are several language schools in the city and European students get tuition either funded or very cheap - I think we help if they have to pay for the lessons but can be agreed.

If you know of anyone who would be interested can you advise us, or if you know of an agency that could help us that would be good."


Merci de contacter directement Steeve


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